María Belén Rivarola

V. Bellini Belcanto Contest

On 3 and December 4, 2016, Maria Belen Rivarola participate in the semifinals of the International Competition Belcanto Vincenzo Bellini.

The International  Vincenzo Bellini Belcanto Contest is the only contest totally dedicated to the “belcantist” repertory and voices. That’s why it takes a special part in the international lyric world.

His founder President, the Italian conductor Marco GUIDARINI, a very famous and important character of this lyric world, placed a very high level to the vocal quality required for the participation to very selective sessions. These sessions are opened to young professional singers, mostly already prize-winners of international contests.

The great knowledges of Maestro GUIDARINI on the subject makes this contest, an absolute and uncontested reference of this vocal domain opened to very few artists. Unique in its conception, this contest has, as a vocation, to research and offer to the audience, voices typically and technically able to
access the great “belcantist” roles. Our frequent collaboration stablished, owing to Maestro GUIDARINI, with the “accademia della Scala de Milano” shows the will and legitimacy of our movement which consists indiscovering and promoting the must of “belcantist” voices.