María Belén Rivarola

Nabucco | Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires)

Opera in four acts (1842) with Italian libretto by Temistocle Solera, based on the Old Testament and the French play Nabuchodonosor by Francis Cornue and Anicète Bourgeois.

It was the first big success of Verdi’s career thanks to its captivating music and a plot that captured the imagination of the public. In it he approached the genre of biblical operas, drawn by a romantic story that mixed individual characters with a collective protagonist. This new production will be in charge of Stefano Poda (1973), who brings together the functions of stage director, set designer, costume designer, lighting designer and choreographer. The Latin American premiere took place at the Teatro Colón in 1914 with the Company and direction of Tulio Serafín.

Musical Director: Carlos Vieu

Scenic Direction, Scenography, Costumes and Lighting: Stefano Poda

Stable orchestra of the Teatro Colón
Stable choir of the Teatro Colón

Director: Miguel Martínez

Main Interpreters

NABUCCO: Sebastián Catana / Leonardo López Linares

ABIGAÍL: Rebeka Lokar / Mónica Ferracani

FENENA: Guadalupe Barrientos / Florencia Machado

ISMAEL: Darío Schmunck / Santiago Vidal

ZACCARIA: Abramo Roselen / Christian Peregrino

ANNA: Mariana Carnovali / María Belén Rivarola

HIGH PRIEST: Mario De Salvo / Cristian De Marco

ABDALLO: Gabriel Renaud / Gabriel Centeno