María Belén Rivarola

Pagliacci | Teatro Solis (Montevideo)

One of the most popular operas in the world returns to our main stage with the stellar participation of the tenor Carlo Ventre and the soprano María Belén Rivarola.

Ruggero Leoncavallo’s opera returns to the Teatro Solis main stage by the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra, under the musical direction of Martín García and the stage direction of Florencia Sanguinetti.

Pagliacci will feature the star participation of tenor Carlo Ventre and soprano María Belén Rivarola, along with Darío Solari, Alfonso Mujica and Sergio Spina. The new staging of the Teatro Solís of the Municipality of Montevideo will feature the set design by Adán Torres, the lighting by Martín Blanchet and the costumes by Soledad Capurro.

They will be accompanied by the SODRE National Choir under the direction of Esteban Louise and the SODRE National Children’s Choir under the direction of Víctor Mederos.

Pagliacci (“Clowns”), considered one of the most popular operas in the world, premiered on May 21, 1892 at the Teatro de Verme (Milan, Italy) Leoncavallo’s most famous title is also one of the greatest representatives of verismo Italian.

Data sheet

Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra
SODRE National Choir
SODRE National Children’s Choir

Musical Direction: Martin Garcia
Stage direction: Florencia Sanguinetti
SODRE National Choir Direction: Esteban Louise
Direction of the SODRE National Children’s Choir: Víctor Mederos

Lighting: Martin Blanchett
Scenography: Adam Torres
Costume: Soledad Capurro


Canio / Pagliacci: Carlo Ventre
Nedda / Colombina: María Belén Rivarola
Tonio / Taddeo: Dario Solari
Silvio: Alfonso Mujica
Beppe / Harlequin: Sergio Spina